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Alloy rod rolling machine
The unit is used for cold rolling alloy rod, such as brass rod, magnesium copper, silver copper, tungsten molybdenum and so on. Through cold rolling, the mechanical behavior can be raised and the defects from casting can be also fetched up. The operation is easy. Each rolling stand are driven by separate inverter motor. Copper rod cold rolling mill can roll different dimensions of copper rod. For example, you can not only process copper from 17mm to 8mm but also from 8mm to 4mm in the same machine.
The Main Technology Parameter of Alloy Rod Rolling Machine




Alloy rod rolling machine

Inlet dia

Ф17.0mm and others

Outlet dia

Ф8.0mm and others

Outlet rod out of roundness

No more than 0.2mm

Rolling pass

8 and others

Rolling speed

1.6 M/S, (5m/s ,max)

Pass schedule

ellipse-round hole type system

each pass compression ratio


working method

8 and others frames separate transmission speed controlled by frequency

operation method

PLC control, touch screen display

No. of frame:

8 and others

main motor

8 and others * 22kw AC frequency motor

roller material

Cr12MoV or other material

roller life


Coiling machine

Low speed or high speed

The rolling speed, motor and number of rolling stands can be modified according to clients’requirements. 

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